What Sort Hair Dryer Is Right For You?

There are so many hair dryers in the market and just which one is the right one for you? There are so many distinct kinds, styles, different features, and likely even more important, different prices. So just exactly how do you go about selecting the right one?

When Looking for a new hair drier, There Are Lots of factors to think about:

1) What kind hair do you have? Can it be long, short, fine or thin, thick, curly, broken, etc.?
2) Are there any weight or ergonomic issues that need to be taken into consideration?
3) Is your dryer going to be for at home use or traveling or both?
4) what's your budget?

When you have answers to these questions, it makes it much easier to weed through the huge range of hair dryers that you may pick from. But whether your hair is ruined or not, constantly be certain that the dryer you choose has ceramic and ceramic technology. Why? These technologies are important from the drying process. In a nutshell, ionic technologies helps fade the water fast from your hair. Ceramic technologies contributes to even heat distribution throughout the hair and eliminates damaging hot spots when utilizing the dryer. The negative ions that are created break down the water drops into tiny particles that are absorbed into the hair shaft, and the drying time will be reduced substantially. The final result is less harm to your own hair and more hydration for shiny, healthy hair.

In picking a hair dryer that is right for the type hair that you've got it boils down to the wattage of the dryer. There are hairdryers that normally range anywhere from 250 watts to 2000 watts of electricity. Among these you will find hot air conditioners that really dry and style your own hair, styler dryers which include comb and brush attachments, wall mounted dryers, hard and soft hat hair sprays, along with your usual pistol grip type sprays. In combination with wattage, consideration has to be made for the heat/speed settings which are included together with the drier.

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One of the many complaints that people have when using a hairdryer is that the weight of the dryer. This is understandable because let's face it, people that have a great deal of hair end up having to maintain their drier for longer amounts of time. And, if you're styling your hair using a styling brush while drying your hair, it might take more. Just think about the hair stylist who's blowing out hair all day long! Individuals who already have carpal tunnel form issues or tendencies also have to be conscious of what isn't going to aggravate this farther. Luckily, the manufacturers of hairdryers have listened to the professionals and you can now find more of a number of lightweight dryers, ergonomic handles, as well as well balanced dryers. These sprays generally have the motor of this dryer centered to where the weight of this drier is nicely distributed and there is less stress in whatever position you are holding it.

Since a lot of us are constantly on the move, whether it be traveling for our occupation, traveling for pleasure, or even working out in the fitness center, the desire is to get a dryer that is specifically designed for travel, or even one that will serve a dual function. This category opens up an entire new spectrum of items to be taken under account. Does your journey take you to other countries? If so, you will require a dual voltage dryer and the proper adapter plug designed for use in the specific country you're visiting. Here again, weight may be a problem with the new weight limitations put on baggage in addition to how much space would the dryer take up? There are lots of foldable travel dryers currently available which are compact and lightweight so this should not be a problem. These are also quite popular for people who only want to maintain a dryer in their gym bag to get when they work out.

Finally, what's your budget? The fantastic thing is that there are so many excellent dryers in most price ranges that this should not be a problem. Evidently, if you want the best of the best, expect to pay more and in most situations you'll be glad you did.

Now that we have covered what to think about, just what type hair dryer should you're looking for?

Short, Fine, Thin, Damaged or Fragile Hair

Depending on how short or how fine or thin your hair isalso a hot air brush just may do the trick. These vary anywhere from 250 watts to 1000 watts. They're sold by the barrel size ranging from 3/4" to 1 1/2" and include either elastic ball-tipped bristles or nylon bristles.

Having a conventional type dryer the most wattage required is 1600 watts or less. At a minimum you'll want a dryer which has at least 2 speeds (low and high) and at least two heat settings (cool or cold and warm/hot). A cool shot button typically comes on many professional dryers and this really is a good advantage to lock in the style when you're finished drying a specific part of your hair.

Moderate, Straight, or Textured Hair

If you have medium length hair that isn't fine, thin, or damaged, then you can essentially use any ion hair drier but 1600 to 1875 watts will do the job best. If you find a drier that satisfies your standards but happens to be about the higher wattage scale, then be certain that it has multiple heat/speed options so that it is readily adjusted to your specific hair type and hair design that you desire.

Thick or Wavy Hair

If you've got the kind of hair that requires a very long time to dry, you should be searching for no less than 1875 watts or higher. Again, the longer heat/speed configurations on the dryer will supply you with the flexibility Or, if your own hair takes a long time to dry, a minimal of 1875 watts should be used.

One final factor to be made when purchasing a hair dryer is the attachments that you'll need for your dryer. Most specialist versions come with a concentrator, which can be crucial for spot drying or focusing on a particular area of your hair.Two additional considerations to keep in mind while shopping for a hair drier is how many heating settings and how many speeds the drier has. At a minimum you want a dryer which has at least two heat settings. If your hair is fine, thin, damaged, or fragile curled, you will gain from cold or cool settings as these can prevent additional heat damage and in case you have fine hair, the cool atmosphere will plump up any limp strands. If you has thick strands you should use the complete heat settings. The hot air blowing from a dryer will help to create a design and the chilly air locks the design in. That's the reason why so many hairdryers come with cold or cool shot buttons so that you have the choice to easily press this button as soon as you're ready to lock in a particular section of hair that you're styling with your hair brush whilst drying. When it comes to the amount of rates that you want in a drier, you want at least two speeds. The two speeds will consist of low and high. If your hair is nice, thin, damaged or fragile, your hair will benefit from the slower speeds. If your hair is thick or takes longer to dry, the speed has to be medium to high.


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